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DailyPlaylists Interview with Aryy

DailyPlaylists: Please tell us a bit about yourself :)

Aryy: Hi, i’m aryy and i’m an independent artist. i was born and raised in Brazil, where i started posting videos on youtube when i was 15 and got really obsessed with ukuleles. i’m now living in Los Angeles

DailyPlaylists: You’ve been releasing music on Spotify since 2020. Did this start as just a hobby or is the dream to pursue a career in the music industry?

Aryy: It’s always been a dream of mine and it took way to long for me to get the guts to leave everything behind, college degree and all, and finally do it and give it all of me

DailyPlaylists: Congratulations on releasing your EP ‘rose colored glasses’. Do you have a personal favorite from the EP and why?

Aryy: Thank you so much! it’s so hard for me to pick favorites, but I think I have to go with “halves of a whole”. I love this song because usually all i see and write about is songs about toxic relationships and heartbreak and this one is about a healthy relationship and i think we should be talking more about what healthy relationships look like and praise happiness and fullness. it’s much easier to focus on the pain and go into heavy detail about it. i think it’s important to have good examples of love and being with someone as a choice and not codependency.

I’m also super happy to have written this song together with another artist i admire a lot and that i grew up listening to, that is Chase Coy.

DailyPlaylists: Are there any songs that didn’t make it to the EP? If so, what were the reasons for this?

Aryy: There is actually a song we recorded and fully produced and i ended up leaving it out last minute because i felt like the production and overall vibe weren’t matching the EP so well, so maybe i’ll end up re-recording it and building it again differently in the future, or maybe i’ll just post an acoustic version on my youtube channel, who knows

DailyPlaylists: How do you find inspiration or motivation to start making music? Any go-to creative strategies

Aryy: To me, writing music has always been like a way to reflect and understand myself and my feelings, almost like journaling or therapy honestly. so i usually grab an instrument and start playing a chord progression that matches my feelings at the moment and start freestyling my thoughts until there’s something i like. sometimes i think of a theme or a circumstance to write about, sometimes it just flows and as i sing, i realize how i feel deep down, sometimes i’m walking down the street and i start singing into my voice memos, sometimes i’m taking a shower and just come up with entire songs singing in the shower. i realized now i talk about feelings a lot, but i’m a cancer so it only makes sense

DailyPlaylists: What does it mean to you to be an independent artist?

Aryy: It’s a duality between freedom and loneliness. i enjoy having full control of what to release and how to plan my releases and art etc, though it’s often overwhelming having to deal with everything myself and not being able to count on anyone.

I do think it could be good and interesting to work with a label in the future, as long as it’s a great fit. i feel that as i get older i’m not willing to go through some situations anymore, i know who i am and i know where i want to be and what i want to do, so if and when i find people who believe in me and love my work as i do, i’d be happy to welcome them as my team, if not, i’ll keep doing this independently cuz there’s nothing else i love more in this world than making my music.

DailyPlaylists: Why do you love the ukulele so much? How long have you been playing the instrument?

Aryy: I mean, what’s not to love? i started playing the ukulele about 12 years ago, inspired by Nevershoutnever, and my love only grew. i feel that ukulele makes everything seem lighter, i like how it makes my sad lyrics sound happy, i love that it’s small and cute and easy to carry everywhere with me and i love how its sound makes me feel

DailyPlaylists: Collaborate with Rex Orange County or beabadoobee?

Aryy: This is so hard, i love both of them so much, but i’ll go with Rex Orange County today, i think our voices would go well together

DailyPlaylists: Night in or night out?

Aryy: Night in with some good company and hot tea

DailyPlaylists: If not music, what else?

Aryy: I’d definitely be a dentistry, specifically Endodontics professor, i was actually on the track to do that before i moved to the US to pursue music

DailyPlaylists: Perform a world tour or local gig with all your friends and family?

Aryy: World tour has always been my dream and then maybe we’d have a local date where friends and family could be there

DailyPlaylists: Biggest supporter?

Aryy: My mom and dad, no doubt

DailyPlaylists: Any secret projects you’ve got lined up that you’re willing to let us in on?

Aryy: So this was a secret until a couple of days ago, but i’m going on my first tour ever this January! i’m gonna be playing alongside Cayley Spivey and DAZYFACE on a few West Coast dates and I could not be more excited about it

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Independent Spotify Playlists. Updated Regularly With New Music & Reviews.
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