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DailyPlaylists Interview with MVSE

DailyPlaylists: First of all, who is MVSE?

MVSE: My friends & family know me as Martin, but.. MVSE [pronounced mūse] is a DJ/Producer, Multi-Instrumentalist, & Songwriter.  My musical compositions draw from experiences and influences as a lifelong musician and my affinity for adventure. My signature sounds; blending eclectic electronic sounds together with elements from the natural and acoustic world to create emotional melodies and everlasting auditory experiences.

DailyPlaylists: How did you get into DJing and producing?

MVSE: My journey into DJing was actually wanting to DJ for my friends at college parties, but at the time I was mainly DJing hip hop and other pop anthems. I finally got into producing electronic music during my senior year of college, when my school had just introduced a music production minor. I had started a jazz piano minor earlier on in my college career but never completed it, so luckily I had transferable credits and still able to graduate on time!

DailyPlaylists: Many of your tracks feature other artists. What is your creative process when collaborating with these artists?

MVSE: Not only have I been fortunate enough to collaborate with so many incredible artists, I’m lucky enough to genuinely be able to call them all close friends. I intentionally surround myself with those whose music style complements my own, and also whenever I find an artist I resonate with, I try to reach out to build relationships as soon as I can!

DailyPlaylists: You released your EP UNI VERSE last year. Congratulations! We loved it over at DailyPlaylists and experienced a sort of ethereal/galactical imagery whilst listening to it. Were we on the right track? What were your intentions behind the lyrics, the EP cover, the melodies, etc?

MVSE: Thank you! It’s hard to put into words what that EP has done for my career, and how it will always have a special place in my heart. Your ethereal/galactical imagery analysis is right on point! Each song drew from different sources of inspiration (personal experiences of love, discovery, adventure, loneliness), and because it was my debut EP, I felt it was important to showcase each aspect of my life, and welcome everyone into my ‘universe’. Also, because it was my “first” EP, it was my UNI VERSE (first verse)!.

DailyPlaylists: Can you describe the moment in your life where you stopped and realised that music was going to become your career?

MVSE: I think many producers can probably agree with this sentiment, but it’s a never ending rollercoaster. One day you’re playing your own songs to the biggest crowds, feeling like you’re on top of the world and that every sacrifice you made for music was worth it, and the next day, you’re sitting in your studio going through 200 different kick samples dreading every bit of it.

DailyPlaylists: How many instruments do you play and do you have a favourite?

MVSE: My principal instruments are definitely Piano & Guitar, but there was 4-5 year period in my life where I was heavily involved with percussion (concert percussion + marching drumline) so I have a deep understanding of more complex rhythms as well. Piano is by far my favorite (but I think that’s because you naturally enjoy things you’re better at haha).

DailyPlaylists: Is there a film or a TV show that you would love to create a soundtrack for?

MVSE: My dream retirement job is to become a disney cafe pianist where I can play disney songs all day on the piano – so definitely a disney film!

DailyPlaylists: Biggest inspiration(s)?

MVSE: Dabin, Seven Lions, Nurko, Jazz Music, Disney Music, Anime Music

DailyPlaylists: Any other genre of music you’d like to branch into?

MVSE: Definitely other genres of electronic music, but also outside of electronic music in general like pop & hip hop.

DailyPlaylists: Dawn or dusk?

MVSE: Dusk

DailyPlaylists: Favourite colour?

MVSE: Black & Blues!

DailyPlaylists: Other hobbies?

MVSE: I love traveling and exploring new places!

DailyPlaylists: Is there another DJ/artist you would love to work with? Or any future collaborations you’d like to let us in on?

MVSE: Honestly the list of artists I’d like to work with is infinite, especially because I’d love to create with and learn from artists outside of the electronic music space too! I will say – I’m very excited about an official remix I have coming out for a fast rising boss-lady DJ! I’ve known her for a while, and to see her growth and rise to where she is today makes me happy, and I’m proud to be able to do a remix for her! (Should be coming out within the next few months!)

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Independent Spotify Playlists. Updated Regularly With New Music & Reviews.
Click Here To Find & Follow Your Daily Playlist Favourites.