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Free Web Development Course for Artists

ioForge x Dailyplaylists Presents

Free Web Development Course for Artists

Would you like to be able to create exciting web projects in the art/music industry, while earning income from home, or anywhere in the world?

We grow you into a professional coder that
  • Can earn a good income, working part time and remotely from anywhere in the world.
  • Can add flexibility to your schedule, allowing you to focus on your music career
  • Can launch globally scalable web applications.
  • Can deliver products in an agile, professional team setting.
  • Can understand fundamental and advanced software concepts.
  • Can build creative web projects to aid your artist development
  • Can solve real world problems through software.
Build exciting projects while learning
In this 2-5 month, online program, you will learn to become a professional coder by being immersed within an exciting, real world music / art web project or business fitting learning and practice within your schedule. You will be guided and mentored by a dedicated lead senior developer, who will teach and support you on your coding journey. Afterwards, you’ll have tools and skills to grow into your own freelance developer, giving yourself freedom by finding a career and income that will enable you to more easily pursue art or music, or develop new projects on your own!
Limited Spots Available

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Your web development journey and things that you will learn

Segment A – Onboarding, Setup, and Infrastructure

  • How to set up code and projects set up on your computer
  • Getting to know your new team
  • How to use a command line
  • How web applications are hosted
  • How to setup, build, and deploy a project
  • What are the easiest and most effective pro tools out there
  • Overview of infrastructure and services i.e Github, AWS, Netlify
  • Development processes and professional methodology
Segment B – Front End (HTML / CSS / ReactJS)

  • Reviewing html and css
  • Reviewing javascript fundamentals
  • What is React.js and why we are using it
  • How to use and install libraries
  • How to build and style components
  • How to fetch data from an API
  • How to publish new frontend code

Segment C – Backend (NodeJS / ExpressJS / GraphQL / MySQL)

  • Understanding Databases
  • How to build an API endpoint
  • How to fetch and store data to a database
  • How to set up a server
  • How to deploy and publish backend code
Segment D – Putting it all together

You will be assigned with a final project to demonstrate the skills you have learned over the course of the previous segments, utilizing all the skills that you have been shown.

Click here to apply now (Limited spaces available)

About ioForge

ioForge is a digital agency that provides services and mentoring for building commercial and creative digital solutions using modern web development architecture for clients around the globe.

Independent Spotify Playlists. Updated Regularly With New Music & Reviews.
Click Here To Find & Follow Your Daily Playlist Favourites.